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Zorlu Center PSM
Address: Levazim Mh. Barbaros Bulvari, Zorlu Center Avm, Besiktas, Istanbul

Zorlu Center PSM showcases diverse artistic genres including Broadway and West End musicals, dance, classical, opera, jazz and the best pop artists.

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Current Events in Zorlu Center PSM:

Sonar Istanbul Sónar is the International Festival of Advanced Music and Congress of Technology and Creativity, celebrated during three days every June in Barcelona. Created in 1994, Sónar is a pioneering cultural event with a unique format and content. It's first class reputation as a leading reference for international festivals is thanks to it's attention in curation, combining a playful nature, the avant-garde, and experimentation with newest trends in dance and electronic mu

 Geleneksel formun modernize edilmis bir versiyonu olan ve Develerle Yasiyorum'da tas / arabesk unsurlarla uzay çagina retro bir giris yapan post-Türk klasik müzigi yaratan Gaye Su Akyol, kozmik canli performanslariyla genis bir hayran kitlesine ulasti. Akyol, Türkiye çapinda birçok prestijli mekan ve festivalde sahne aldiktan sonra Danimarka'daki Roskilde Festivalinde performans gösterdi ve yilin en iyi albümlerinden birini çikardi; Bi

 Bartelmann started playing the piano at the age of 8 during a Christmas church service. After that he took classical piano lessons for 10 years and mastered his craft. Although he studied classical music, Bertelmann had interest for various kinds of music genres. He found a rock band at the age of 14. In 1992, Bertelmann and his cousin formed the hip hop duo God's Favorite Dog. They have released an album and performed both nationally and internationally with God's Favorite Dog. In 2004, B

One of the most important musicals in Broadway history, West Side Story, is coming to town with 21 performances between 1-18 March 2017 in the Zorlu PSM Main Stage!      March 01, 2017 20:30   Zorlu Performing Arts Center, Istanbul  

  Pianist and composer David Peña Dorantes is a name that brings a totally different flavor to flamenco with its unique style combining traditional and avant-garde. A master artist who has used the piano as an instrument and the traditional rules and boundaries around the flamenco as a species and has used the piano as an innovative tool for flamenco; Classical music, flamenco and jazz. French composer Claude Debussy and Dorantes influenced classical jazz; Orodboy, Sur, Sin Muros a

French composer and musician Christophe Chassol crowned his successful trilogy of Ultrascores, his fourth album Big Sun, which shines successfully in New Orleans before turning his route to India. With natural instincts, Chassol brings an extraordinary experience with natural touches. Chassol is quite bizarre, but he invites us to organize a reconnaissance.  

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