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Events & Activities
Address: Kamer Hatun Caddesi 10, Beyoglu Istanbul

Northern Lights: Beady Belle

Date : 22.01.2010 Hours : 22:30:00  Venue : Ghetto


Event info

For those that like vocals with their jazz, Beady Belle offers the gorgeous warbling of Beate S. Lech. No standards or blues here, Beate sticks strictly to original tunes, for which she writes the lyrics, while collaborating with the rest of the band on the music. They are not averse to using samples and programmed beats, but in the spirit of jazz, much of the music is also played live. What is interesting is that the live playing is just as likely to sound like a sample, since Beady Belle is of a generation of jazz musicians as influenced by Snoop Dog and Kraftwerk as by Charlie Parker. Imagine a bare-bones Destinys Child with more electronic sounds, and more swing, or a more booty shaking Cassandra Wilson, and you are getting close. Beats butt up against dissonant string quartets, colored by electronic glitches, fading into romantic piano then back into strings. A magical Norwegian night right here at GHETTO.


Ticket prices

  • Full: 45,00 TL
  • Student: 35,00 TL


For your information

  • There is 18 age limit.


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