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Address: Levazim Mh. Barbaros Bulvari, Zorlu Center Avm, Besiktas, Istanbul


Alaturka Records, artistic director of Ugur Isik, brings a modern interpretation to a tradition with a special Ramadan program on June 13th. Alaturka Records, which previously met with art lovers in "Secret" and "Girizgah" Zorlu PSM, will perform once again with the project titled "The Direklerarasi" in the Zorlu PSM with the cooperation of Atlantis Production and Vestel # Kururularlyli concerts!
Polar Ramadan Fun, which is an important place in the city culture of old Istanbul that does not fall into the language of knowing, seeing and learning, is being carried daily by the touch of Alaturka Records and succeeds in not breaking its close ties with tradition while getting modern interpretation.
Karagöz musikisi, kantolar, the first conservatories Dârülelhan's tracks touching the poles, the chapters of Musiki-i Osmani in Fevziiye Kiraathanesi, the voices of the great masters of the period such as Kemani Tatyos and Kemençeci Vasilaki, the Ramadan memories of the Kavuklu Hamdi ... " Intercultural ", all the more and more of the day, while the meddah role of anthem movie and theatrical master player Altan Menli and makes a modern interpretation.
The masturbatory fun of the old traditions of old Istanbul comes alive with the touch of Alaturka Records, and a modern interpretation comes day by day! Alaturka Records "Direklerarasi", Altan Menli's modern meddah interpretation and Ugur Isik's art direction on June 13 at Zorlu PSM!


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