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Address: Levazim Mh. Barbaros Bulvari, Zorlu Center Avm, Besiktas, Istanbul

Mexican artist Murcof, who reinterprets classical music, ambient, glitch, drone and improvised music with his minimalist approach, also synthesizes styles such as minimal techno, dub, industrial music and IDM.

 Since 2003, Murcof has created a form and sound that is close to both contemporary and traditional electronic music.  Born into a family of musicians, Murcof was influenced by Depeche Mode, Jean-Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk. Bringing all sorts of instruments around him and in a way inventing new instruments, Murcof gained critical acclaim with his collaborations with musicians such as Truffaz, Talvin Singh, Francesco Tristano and Philippe Petit. His latest collaboration was with French pianist Vanessa Wagner in EP01.  Vanessa Wagner's special interest in the history of French classical music helped her to be known as the deep musician of the retrospective French repertoire. Having shared the stage with many prestigious orchestras such as the French National Orchestra, the Wallonie Royal Orchestra, the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Symphony Orchestra, led by Esteemed conductors such as C. Dutoit, M. Plasson, C. Warren- Green and A. Dumay, Wagner received the "Victoire de la Musique", the French equivalent of the Grammys, in 1999.  Having gained critical acclaim with her interpretations of the works of Rameau, Mozart, Haydn, Schumann, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Debussy and Berio, Wagner has released a total of 9 albums.  You can experience the collaboration of Murcoff and Vanessa Wagner, two musicians who reinterpret classical music while harmoniously merging various styles, on the Zorlu PSM stage on March 29, 2017



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