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Address: Levazim Mh. Barbaros Bulvari, Zorlu Center Avm, Besiktas, Istanbul

Gaye Su Akyol, a modernized version of the traditional form, has created a post-Turk classical music that makes a retro entry into space with arabesque elements in Develerle Yasiyorum, and has reached a massive fan base with its cosmic vivid performances.

 After performing in many prestigious venues and festivals around Turkey, Akyol performed at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark and made one of the best albums of the year; The Hologram Empire, which is praised by many prestigious media organs, especially by Tel, The Guardian and Rolling Stone, and which calls it "the new voice of Istanbul". In fact, the sages of Gaye Su Akyol, who travels between you and the species that take you back and forth, will feature a cosmic live performance as part of the Localize sequence in # studio on March 22nd! Kaan Düzarat Kaan Düzarat, one of the most successful DJs in Turkey, with a variety of sets ranging from Turkish Edit to Detroit Techno, will take place on March 22 at # studio before and after Gaye Su Akyol !


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