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Address: Sultanahmet / Istanbul


Front courtyard Speech by Aydin Büke entitled "Concertos for Paul Wittgenstein"  "The most impressive was the sensitivity of Sermet and the ability to vary the tone to shed light on different textures." International Piano  "What I particularly enjoy is the balance between virtuosity and musicality ... what happens when Varvaresos plays, it's always really beautiful." BBC Music  "[The Russian Chamber Philharmonic] The music sounded like it was being played from the inside - it was coming from a human soul." Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung  "Jury Gilbo and his orchestra music have created Russian spirits and gained the hearts of Germans. An unforgettable concert! "Oberbergische Volkszeitung  St. St. Petersburg's Russian Chamber Philharmonic will perform two concerts in a journey full of courage and hope in pursuit of a very unusual emulation in the history of the Hagia Irini Museum. Austrian pianist Paul Wittgenstein did not give up after losing his right arm in World War I. At the prison camp in Siberia he worked on new playing techniques and became able to play chords that would be impossible to play with five fingers. Many composers wrote for Wittgenstein, who just reorganized the piano works for the left hand. One of these works, Ravel's Piano Concerto for the Left Hand is the best interpretation of Hüseyin Sermet's breathtaking, bright and bright music, which has performed at numerous recitals, major orchestras and chiefs and concerts throughout 5 continents for over 30 years, He will find life again in his strong interpretation.  The first prize of the prestigious George Enescu Piano Competition, which collects the praises of the music authorities with the balance between musicality and virtuosity, is shown among the most up-and-coming pianists of the Vassilis Varvaresos band. The Greek pianist, who will meet for the first time with the Turkish listeners, will interpret Prokofiev's Concerto No. 4 for the Left Hand, another work written for Wittgenstein.



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