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Events & Activities
Address: Tunel - Asmalimescit Beyoglu Istanbul, Turkey

 "Past, present and future ... 'How can we make the world a better place through gastronomy?' dealt with the question of local and global issues in the field of seven, in itself, is part of both production and consumption chain chefs, producers, social entrepreneurs, bringing together opinion leaders to a unity of power, meeting, creating communication platform. This year the 'Give Back! / Back Give!' to talk under the theme, to talk; social projects for the future generations and the environment, initiatives, experiences firsthand listening, we'll be a while asking the question: 'How can we be part of the solution?'  

extraordinary speaker's program. The world's four corners from even if they come, very different jobs if they do also, all of the story started with the same question: 'What can I do?' 

Left lunch and dinner anywhere. We're together all day. 

We enjoy Turkey's seven regions for lunch. in the evening dinner give mAdIgImIz Beyoglu appetizers will be moved to Bomontiada. " Come on! Date : Sunday, November 6 Location : in Bomontia / Babylon Speakers: Alberto Crisci- the Clink, England  Arash Derambarsh - France, Courbevoie District Councillor, France Ayse Tükrükçü - Life Hug Association, Turkey   Defne Koryürek - Idea owner Tastes, Turkey  Sea Plain - IKSV Istanbul Design Biennial, Turkey Jock Zonfrillo- Oran Foundation, Australia Lars Charas - Feeding Good, the Netherlands  Karyn Thomas -Small Projects Istanbul, TurkeyMassimo Bottura - Food for the Soul, Italy   Mert Firat - Ronni Kahn - Oz Harvest, Australia  Sasha Correa - Basque Culinary Center, Spain   nomad Rescue - Istanbul Bilgi University Support Foundation for Civil Society, Turkey  Program: Meet & Breakfast 09:00 -10: 00 Lunch 13:30 -14: 50 Dinner 19:00 


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