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Events & Activities
Address: Kamer Hatun Caddesi 10, Beyoglu Istanbul

Melingo (Buenos Aires) 
Date : 05.03.2010 Hours: 22:30:00 Venue : Ghetto

Ticket prices

Full: 39,50 TL, Student: 29,50 TL

For your information

  • There is 18 age limit.
  • Student tickets are valid with the student ID.

Event info

Daniel Melingo is an Argentine musician, with a background in rock. He is now a tango artist and tours with his band Los Ramones del tango.

In his early ages after playing for some time with Brazilian singer Milton Nascimento, Melingo was active in the Buenos Aires independent theater scene in the early 1980s. When the restrictions on cultural activities eased after the Falklands war, Melingo became a notable participant in projects such as a rock opera version of "Dr. Moreau\'s Trials", masterminded by Victor Kesselman, and Los Twist, a fun band with echoes of The B-52\'s. He was called by Cachorro López to play the sax in the Abuelos de la Nada reunion, where he was, according to colleague Andrés Calamaro, the person who established the band\'s musical direction.

After the Abuelos and Twist, Melingo spent time in Spain, where he formed a band named Lions in Love. Back in Argentina, he issued a disc based on the mythical Argentine graphic novel El Eternauta, and later on turned to tango singer.



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