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Address: Kamer Hatun Caddesi 10, Beyoglu Istanbul

 England\'s young multi-instrumentalist Tom Vek signed to the small label Tummy Touch Records in 2001, having spent the previous 8 years writing and recording mostly electronic, indie rock, punk with new wave in his parents\' garage.

Vek\'s debut album "We Have Sound" was recorded whilst he completed a graphic design degree. The album was finished in mid-2004 but was not released until 2005 when Island Records licensed it through Go! Beat Records. The record was subsequently licensed through Universal Records to Startime International for a North American release.
Vek made a guest appearance on the television programme, The OC, where he performed a gig at \'The Bait Shop\' venue; the third season episode \'The Road Warrior\' featured his track "I Ain\'t Saying My Goodbyes". He also contributed to the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack, with "One Horse Race" which was the B-side to his single, "Nothing but Green Lights".
Vek released his second album, Leisure Seizure, in 2011 after a six year absence from the music industry.
Warm Up:  Buber (21.30)
23.30 Tom Vek
After  Party: Club Bangkok


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