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Address: Tunel - Asmalimescit Beyoglu Istanbul, Turkey

 Oi Va Voi is the product of 6 soul searching young musician from London. With their albums ‘Digital Folklore’ and ‘Laughter Through Tears’ they enter the world of gypsies. Parents of Oi Va Voi members are Jewish immigrants, that why their name is ‘Oi Va Voi’. Oi Va Voi means Oh My God in Yiddish. They stay connected with their roots in order to explain modern world with their unique style.  They even perform at some Jewish Weddings. Their music travels in the realms of soul, ska, trip hop, drum’n bass and Balkan. And it would be a shame not mention their collobrations with   musicians such as  KT Tunstall, Earl Zinger, Majer Bogdansky Sevara Nazarkhan. Oi Va Voi will be at Babylon for 3 nights in a row with the sponsorship of Burn. Don’t miss it!


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